Made in America Panel Proposes it’s Time for Americans to Force Their Legislators to Stop the Soaring National Debt

Made in America Panel Proposes it’s Time for Americans to Force Their Legislators to Stop the Soaring National Debt

Host Neal Asbury opened his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Made in America” show on Radio America, aired by some 70 affiliates, by underscoring the rising national debt, which stands currently at $19 trillion, and is on its way toward reaching $30 trillion. “And there’s nobody that will get it there more quickly than Bernie Sanders, whose proposals will cause the debt to soar,” noted Neal.

The debt conversation continued as Pennsylvania Congressman, Mike Kelly, returned to Made in America, and who is angry about America’s spiraling debt and disheartened that more people aren’t fighting every day to address the debt and budget “to help protect the future of our nation.”

Congressman Kelly wants to take a common sense approach to the budget and spending. “Don’t borrow money if you can’t repay it. Take responsibility for wisely spending taxpayers’ money.”

“The Secretary of the Treasury needs to come before Congress and explain why we are raising the debt ceiling and taking on more debt. We need to understand what we’re doing so we can start paying down the debt, not adding to it,” proposed Congressman Kelly, who added, “We need a turnaround plan. We can’t just keep accepting the president’s budget. Don’t just sit there, do something and vote for good people that will pare down the debt.”

Neal noted that it’s understandable that voters are angry. They don’t see a plan for improving our economy.

The next guest on Made in America was Stephen Moore, a Distinguished Visiting Fellow and an economist at the Heritage Foundation.

Neal asked Moore to weigh in on the fact that a once strong union bastion like West Virginia has become the 26th state to become a right-to-work state.

“This is a great victory. It’s giving workers the right to choose. Right-to-work is not anti-union. It simply gives workers the freedom make their own decisions regarding their job,” maintained Moore.

Moore suggested that when a state chooses to become a right-to-work state, it creates jobs. In fact, for every job created in a union state, two jobs are created in a right-to-work state, according to Moore.

“If workers want to join a union, that’s fine. But workers shouldn’t be bullied or forced to join a union. And now teachers belonging to the California teachers union are suing so they can avoid paying union dues.

Betty Grande, a Fellow from the Heartland Institute, was the next guest on Made in America, who described the Obama budget as a “budget written by cronies for cronies.”

“Obama picks winners and losers. He doesn’t like fossil fuels, so he destroyed them. And now he’s going after oil. But he gives all kinds of money to his cronies in Green energy. The only silver living of the Obama budget is that it’s the last one he will propose. Obama vowed to change the country and he did – he made it worse,” noted Grande.

Co-host Dr. Rich Roffman pointed to another Obama budget disaster; adding taxes to gasoline that will boost the price by thirty percent, just when gas prices at the pump are at a point that consumers are starting to save money.

“Obama’s plan is that since energy is so cheap, consumers won’t feel the added burden of new taxes, until it is too late and gas prices rise,” proposed Dr. Roffman.

“Obama supporters are practicing ‘leave it in the ground activism’, which attacks energy from fossil fuels, rewarding electric car manufacturing, while ignoring the fact that fossil fuels are necessary to build the cars and create the electricity to power the cars. Consumers, who were saving money at the pump, now are spending 20 percent of their income on energy. Obama passed this regressive tax that is taking the money out of the pockets of everyone,” concluded Grande.

The final guest on Made in America was Brandon Arnold from the National Tax Payers Union, who accused Obama of creating a clever ploy to impose the gasoline tax when oil prices are low, but when he’s not in office and prices rise, it will crush families and businesses with higher costs. The effect will be “catastrophic.”

“The new budget with this gasoline tax will never be approved by Congress. It’s an outlandish proposal and they know it. It arrived DOA. But he wants to preserve his legacy as the president that killed the fossil fuel industry in favor of Green energy. It’s all just theater,” maintained Arnold, who added that if Bernie Sanders gets in, we will see a $13 trillion hit to our debt

The discussion turned to the steady rise in robots taking over jobs once held by humans. In fact, Marco Rubio has predicted that robots are taking over many jobs.

“It’s not just non-skilled jobs and factory jobs being taken by robots; now some white collar jobs are being taken over by robots. We’re seeing a ‘mainframe ceiling,’ where humans may have to compete with robots for executive positions,” revealed Dr. Roffman.

Dr. Roffman segued to his ongoing report on cronyism, moving quickly to the Clintons, whom over the years, were paid an average of $76,000 a day for speeches.

“Then we read that Department of Justice’s Loretta Lynch, who donated money to Democratic campaigns, including to Obama’s, is going to be the one who will decide whether Hillary Clinton will be found guilty for her security lapses. I doubt if she will find Hillary guilty. It’s nice to have friends in high places,” suggested Dr. Roffman, who added that Elon Musk, whose electric cars are underwritten by the government at $7,600 a car also has friends in high places and “hates cheap oil.” We all know where that’s going with this administration.”

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