Made in America Panel Contends that Global Warming Argument is Out of Control to the Point Where Obama Blames It for his Daughter’s Asthma

Made in America Panel Contends that Global Warming Argument is Out of Control to the Point Where Obama Blames It for his Daughter’s Asthma

Host Neal Asbury opened his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Made in America” show on Radio America (now on 71 stations) with the news that the global warming issue is starting to amp-up and is being linked by rabid environmentalists to the terrible droughts in California.

“Ironically, the global warming zealots are responsible for much of the drought because they have consistently voted against granting permits to build reservoirs that could capture rain water and runoff – 70 percent of which is not captured and flows back into the sea.  It’s so crazy that Obama has blamed global warming for his daughter’s asthma, which Michelle had previously attributed to circus dust,” noted Neal.

Made in America welcomed journalist Michael Bastasch from the Daily Caller, who wrote about the Obama family asthma situation, but added information that dispels Obama’s claims that global warming has exacerbated asthma.

“The problem is that the White House claims that global warming is exacerbating asthma are lacking in evidence. For starters, the basic argument that warming will make asthma worse — mainly through increased episodes of extreme heat, ground-level ozone and smoke from wildfires — lacks support,” wrote Bastasch, who added that

“Asthma prevalence has increased in the U.S. while major air pollutants like ozone, particulate matter and carbon monoxide have fallen dramatically, according to government data.”

Bastasch noted that environmentalists have given up on warning about polar bear habitats and have shifted their attention to warnings that global warming is impacting children. It is now a “public health concern.”

“Poverty is a predictor of asthma not global warming.  There is no evidence that global warming causes asthma.  But what such alarms will do is get the EPA more involved in emissions,” warned Neal.

Bastasch agreed, noting that this is already occurring and has given rise to accusations by the left that people who support coal and oil are “climate change deniers” – a label meant to scare people and help get Democrats elected.

Joining the Made in America discussion was Dan Kish, a senior vice president for policy at the Institute for Energy Research, who maintained that by not allowing the export of oil from the U.S., it is killing the potential for 380,000 to 450,000 good paying American jobs.

“Administrations have historically warned that we are running out of oil.  That is just plain wrong.  Thanks to more domestic drilling and new cleaner technologies, we have a surplus of oil and gas – enough to last 100 years,” noted Kish.

Neal added that by allowing gas and oil exports, the U.S. can improve its trade deficit. But predicted that Obama will never allow this to happen.

Made in America welcomed first-time guest Michelle Coco, president of Virtual Associates of the United States, which helps team U.S.-based workers “virtually” with American service companies.

“I want to build awareness that we have so many talented people in this country that are based within the U.S., that there is no need to outsource jobs overseas.  This includes vets and people in leading industries, such as financial services, content writing, translation services, and legal services.    We hope people will visit,” concluded Coco.

Co-host Dr. Rich Roffman proposed that most Americans would rather work with American-based companies that employ American workers.

Van Ellison from the St. Matthews House in Naples, Florida, was the final guest on Made in America.

“I got involved with St. Matthews 11 years ago, because it touches the lives of the less fortunate.  But unlike other organizations that reach out to those in need, St. Matthews maintains a free market policy; not relying on government subsidies and entanglements.  We want people to aspire to seek independence and not get addicted to welfare and handouts.  We want to see people become free of the bondage of poverty,” said Ellison, whose organization employs some 1,500 people, who are employed in a catering business and retail store.

Dr. Roffman applauded Ellison’s efforts, comparing him to the rock performer Bono, who reached out internationally to preach the value of the free market self- independence—and is a great supporter of capitalism.

“What this program does is restore people’s dignity. You don’t get that from welfare.  When people work they feel good about themselves,” suggested Neal.

As part of his ongoing segment on the rise in robots and cronyism, Dr. Roffman revealed the United Nations is so paranoid about the use of fully autonomous robots that can be weaponized, that they are proposing a ban. Dr. Roffman conjured up images of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator series.

Dr. Roffman also revisited a previous story about an Italian surgeon who is proposing the first full-head transplant. The latest news is that he has found an Italian patient who is willing to undergo the procedure.

On the cronyism front, Dr. Roffman revealed that while Google officials on more than 200 occasions were granted unprecedented access to top White House officials, a top Google executive is being tapped by Hillary Clinton as her chief technology officer.

“If Hillary wins, Google people will be roaming throughout the White House, just as they do today.  Nothing beats the cronyism ties that bind,” concluded Dr. Roffman.

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