Made in America Panel Warns that if EPA Continues its War on U.S. Coal, Coal Industry will be Gone Within 10 Years

Made in America Panel Warns that if EPA Continues its War on U.S. Coal, Coal Industry will be Gone Within 10 Years

Host Neal Asbury opened his nationally syndicated “Neal Asbury’s Made in America” show on Radio America (now on 48 stations), by recounting ways that the EPA uses ridiculous standards to control manufacturers, often putting them out of business without any regard to the jobs that could be lost.

Co-host Dr. Rich Roffman pointed to the fact that most people serving on the EPA are academicians that have never run a business nor have any actual business or real-world experience.

Returning to Made in America was Stephen Moore, President of the Free Enterprise Fund, who predicted that the way the Obama administration is waging war on the coal industry, the industry might be dead in 10 years.  He characterizes this as a “jihad against coal.”

Neal noted that if the war on coal is successful it will jeopardize 250,000 jobs directly, and millions indirectly—not to mention the increase in energy costs for America.

“Ironically, due to the growth of coal, oil and natural gas, they have helped revitalize the economy, making Obama look good. But his intent is to kill the entire coal industry.  He talks about the working class and preserving jobs, but he’s killing entire towns that are involved in coal mining and killing their jobs,” noted Moore, who added that while many European countries have returned to fossil fuels because it reduces the cost of energy, Obama stubbornly supports Green energy, even as electricity prices in the U.S. are rising.

Dr. Roffman wondered why voters in West Virginia and other coal states continue to support Democrats when they are destroying their economy.

“Republicans need to win back the hard-hat unions that are losing jobs.  We need to be saying that we’re the ones that are trying to save your jobs, while the Democrats are destroying them. We need to win back Reagan Democrats, concluded Moore.

Joining the show was Evan Jenkins, who is running for Congress in West Virginia and promises to bring jobs and dignity back to Wayne County, West Virginia.

This is a topic close to Neal’s heart since his father grew up and is buried in West Virginia, but it continues to nag at him that they remained staunch Democrats even as the Party was destroying their economy.  Neal is the first Republican in his family.

“People can’t seem to remember that back in January 2008 Obama proclaimed that if you want to build a coal-fired power plant, we’ll put you out of business. And he has stayed true to his word.  The coal industry has taken it on the chin, and Obama has made no apologies for wanting to kill coal, devastating West Virginia and other coal states,” noted Jenkins.

Dr. Roffman agreed, noting that according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, if the newest EPA regulations are passed, 224,000 jobs will immediately be lost.

“My opponent has supported Obama’s programs but comes back to West Virginia acting as if he supports coal.  He doesn’t notice that 43 percent of coal jobs in Appalachia have disappeared over the past five years while he was in office,” suggested Jenkins.

The next guest on Made in America was Alan Gottlieb, who runs the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to keep and Bear Arms.

Gottlieb warned listeners about “Operation Chokehold,” an initiative by federal agencies to punish gun shops by interfering with their banking operations, such as their ability to process credit cards.

“They are literally trying to choke the firearm industry by interfering with their relationships with banks and other financial institutions.  But with the mid-term elections coming up, he picked a bad time to go after the firearms industry,” suggested Gottlieb.

The final guest on Made in America was Wayne Allyn Root, former Vice Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, who in July is releasing his new book: “The Murder of the Middle Class.”

“If you’re looking for a really bad idea, look no further than Seattle, where they passed the $15 an hour minimum wage. This is a job killer, but there is an assumption that businesses are being run by really rich guys who can afford to pay higher wages.  But do you know what happens?  Owners of big businesses close their plants and move overseas, taking with them all the jobs. Smaller businesses start laying off workers, who while making more money, can’t afford the higher prices that will be charged to pay for the higher wages. The Middle Class is being killed,” proposed Root.

He added that Seattle is indicative of governments being run by people who have never owned a business or had to make tough decisions.  Instead they become life-long politicians.

“If you want to point to one villain in this mess, it’s President Obama.  While both political parties share partial blame, it is Obama who has become a radical extremist, trying to pass a socialist agenda, which has proven not to work.  It is just wiping out the middle class,” concluded Root.

Neal and Dr. Roffman moved on to their weekly segment identifying rampant cronyism.

Dr. Roffman returned to a favorite subject: the billions of dollars being wasted by Obama cronies who receive handouts from the EPA, and who have stood in the way of helping America become a net exporter of energy by wasting money on failed Green energy projects.  With support for fossil fuels, the economy can turn around on a dime, contends Dr. Roffman.

Dr. Roffman, reflecting his special prowess for identifying blatant cronyism, turned the spotlight on Keith Harper, who the Senate confirmed as ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Council, making him the first Native American to ever become a U.S. ambassador.  But this feel-good moment comes with the news that Harper received millions from a $3.8 billion federal settlement for his tribe, which the tribe didn’t wish to settle. However, as a thank you, Harper made a tidy donation to the Obama administration, and has become a faithful contribution “bundler.”

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